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If you've intentionally cancelled the checkout and decided not to purchase your order or decided to do it later, please ignore this information. However, if you've encountered wrong price or generally have any other concerns before placing your order, we encourage you to contact us via our Contact Page and ask us anything you'd like to find out before placing your order. Note that this page is generic, and here are some reasons on why you might be seeing this page:

  • You clicked "Cancel" on PayPal checkout page

  • Your internet connection with PayPal was lost

  • You clicked backspace on a PayPal checkout page

  • Any error caused by the internet connection

If you think you're seeing this page in error, we apologize for any inconvenience it could have caused. Please come back to the original page and start over with your order. If this error continues to occur, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we could resolve it for you.
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