Founder / CEO

Experience: 4 years

Specialization: DJ / Host



    Company owner, DJ and Karaoke Host for certain locations. Born and raised in Russia, Roman moved here at the age of 15 in 2009, and now lives in South Florida. IT Project Manager for one of the Fortune 800 companies in the United States day job turns into a fun environment and music entertainment at night. 8 years of IT Experience in-house web designer, photographer and cinematographer, and executive host for Florida Fine LLC.


    Specializes in booking and managing weekly or a la carte events.

    Specializes in hosting Karaoke Events with singer rotation

    Able to host any of the events with the team or solo. Booking executives for your events may result in additional fees.


    Booking / Exec 100%
    Event Hosting 100%
    DJ 70%
    Manager 100%