Ginger S via FB

They are true professionals! They are outstanding at running karaoke, DJ-ing and trivia. They are also available in multiple locations throughout the week. You are certain to have a great time!

Glen H via FB

Great karaoke, bingo, and trivia. They do an awesome job!

Luciana F via FB

They are the best!!! I really had a good time.

Andre C via FB

Music is nice they are the most exciting show ive seen hands down

Karaoke Keith via FB

Karaoke shows are top notch for fun! Hosts really enjoy what they are doing and it shows! Highly recommended.

Renica J via FB

These guys are too much fun!

Hen E via FB

The best music …. karaoke at a good level … becomes a song in any language … fun with them … and most importantly good friends

Mazen S via FB

I visited this place couple of times and i really enjoyed it, They are great at all

Barry D via FB

These guys put on great events! We had a blast

Ann H via FB

The guys are GREAT!! Had a blast and will definitely be back!!