DJ Dre Carroll

DJ Dre


Experience: 20 years

Specialization: Dj


    About DJ Dre

    Andre Carroll was born in New York and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He became a child star on Dancing On Air and then Dance Party USA at the age of 15 years old. After gaining National exposure and attention Andre started traveling the United States with the dance trio called Raw Moves. Andre then started Karaoke DJing at the age of 35 and became a successful DJ, Singer-Songwriter, Dancer and all-around performer and Entertainer, later starting an entertainment company called showstoppers entertain*mint* who is now contracted with Florida Fine Entertainment. Utilizing all of his talent and others, he formulated a unique company that compasses all genres of music to perform at various locations. Now dominating the performance circuit at clubs, restaurants, ALF’s and retirement communities. Andre is now one of the most versatile Entertainers this time.


    Andre is a professional DJ that goes by DJ Dre

    Andre has a great experience hosting Karaoke and live shows

    DJ Dre is a great performer, singer, entertainer and dancer


    Vocal 100%
    Dancer 100%
    Entertainer 100%
    DJ & Karaoke Host 100%